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Statistics Centre Abu Dhabi (SCAD) conducted its first induction programs in 2021 to new employees who joined SCAD during the fourth quarter of 2020 under the theme “You are welcome.” The program aims to welcome and onboard the new employees and brief them on SCAD’s mandate and its critical role in..Statistics Centre - Abu Dhabi (SCAD) wrapped up its "Media Lab" sessions series, organized by the Communication and Media Department under the theme "Test your skills...Achieve Better communication." The weeklong session was held virtually and saw extensive interaction between 35 participants ..Mr. Abdulla Ahmed Al Suwaidi, Acting Director General of SCAD, honoured 24 committed employees who were one of the reasons for SCAD’s business continuity during quarantine.Mr. Abdullah Al-Suwaidi thanked them for their tireless efforts and dedication under the difficult conditions of quarantine, wi..Abdulla Ahmed Al Suwaidi, Acting Director-General of SCAD, honored the team behind Abu Dhabi Government Employee Census for successfully completing the project, which is the first of its kind on an Emirate level and the most important and largest statistical projects due to its inclusion of all ele..Mr. Abdulla Ahmed Al Suwaidi, Acting Director General of SCAD, recognizes the hard-working team behind the Smart Support platform's development. An innovative and integrated digital system enables effective management of the three entities under the Department of Government Support. The team of 35 ..

Labour Force Statistics

The labour force includes employed and unemployed persons aged 15 years and above. Our labour force statistics cover: Labour force structure, Employment, Unemployment, economically inactive population and Dependency ratio.

Outside the labour force

Key Figures

Economic Dependency Ratio43.950.747.346.951.253.4
Age Dependency Ratio (0-14 years)20.120.720.020.020.921.4
Age Dependency Ratio (65 years and above)
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