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​On Thursday, 6 February 2020, Statistic Centre Abu Dhabi celebrated the ending of Abu Dhabi Innovation week that was from the 2nd to the 6th of February. During the week, The Committee of Innovation and Artificial Intelligence organized a variety of activities such as workshops on innovation and t..On the 3rd of February, the committee of innovation and artificial intelligence shared a personality test, a part of its activities for the week of innovation. The test was designed by adobe to discover what creative type you are. Detailing each creative type, their strength and weakness and which ..​Statistic center Abu Dhabi held a workshop by Oracle that was organized by the Committee of Innovation and Artificial Intelligence on Monday 3rd of February, within the innovation week agenda. The workshop titled "artificial intelligence and latest technologies and tools", covered data a..​In alignment with February being “UAE Month of Innovation 2020” and the start of Abu Dhabi’s innovation week, the Committee of Innovation and Artificial Intelligence organized a workshop on innovation. Just like the name “Reflections on Innovation,” the workshop touched upon the concept ..​Dr. Mohammed Al Rifai, Statistician Expert at SCAD has prepared three research papers on various statistical issues. These papers have been published in “Journal of Economics and Sustainable Development”. Paper(1)The first paper entitled "The Fundamental Principals of official Statistics..


Charter and Codes of Practice


Our interest in teamwork and cooperation to achieve our goals and ambitions stems from our conviction that the development of the Abu Dhabi statistical system is not the responsibility of a single government entity; it is a collective national responsibility involving everyone, each according to its role. In order to strengthen this approach and foster a teamwork culture, the idea to launch the Charter was born. The Charter is a legal document, in which SCAD clearly determines the nature of its available statistical data and Professional Code of the Ethics as a following:


​​Through this charter, ​SCAD clearly determines the nature of statistical data and all service delivery channels and its category of providers and users. SCAD also vows to follow the best international statistical methodologies and make every possible effort to harness the human and technical resources available to mee​t the requirements of customers without discrimination.


In a further effort towards developing the statistical practice in Emirate of Abu Dhabi and enhance public confidence in the emirate’s statistical system, SCAD has endorsed the recently issued “Charter of Professional Code of the Ethics”. The Signing of the Charter has been revised in the light of the Declaration on professional Ethics developed and adopted by International Statistical Institute (ISI( since 1985 to lay solid and agreed foundation in the statistical work, and to clarify the commitments towards the community, user and respondent.

The charter aims to promote the moral value of staff working in SCAD and document the ethical principles of statistical work in Abu Dhabi by providing a guide line of statistician’s best practice.


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