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Quaterly Foreign Investment Survey (FIS)

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It collects data on the nature and distribution of foreign investments by economic activity. Data are collected from all known establishments with inward foreign investment in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. A range of statistics about foreign investment is produced from the information collected. The foreign investment statistics produced provide the Government, investors, and international organizations with information to help make informed decisions about economic policy and investments. Foreign investment helps boost economic development and transfer of technology.

Element Description

Survey Name

Quaterly Foreign Investment Survey (FIS)

Organization Name

Statistics Centre - Abu Dhabi (SCAD)





Sample Unit


Data Confidentiality

Decree no. (28) of 2015 concerning Statistics Centre- Abu Dhabi

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Element Description


Determine the distribution of these investments by economic activities.

Identify the sources and value of Foreign Direct Investment.​

Benefits of survey/project to the society

Foreign investment statistics can help policy and decision makers and researchers to determine the extent to which these investments contribute to the provision of employment opportunities, especially for UAE nationals.

Statistics on foreign investment can be used to assess the role played by these investments and investors in the transfer of technology to the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

The outputs from the survey will provide the necessary data that will help policy-makers to take appropriate decisions that will attract foreign investment.

Foreign investment statistics provide data on the role of foreign investors in the promotion of trade in the Emirate and to keep track of any future expansion in their activities.


The list of statistical publications:

  • Foreign Investment Statistics in Abu Dhabi

 The list of statistical indicators

  • Foreign Direct Investment -  inward stocks (AED)  Quarterly
  • Foreign Direct Investment - inward stocks (Quarterly growth %) 
  • Foreign Direct Investment, inward stocks  (% distribution) Quarterly
  • FDI by source country (AED) Quarterly 
  • FDI by source country (Quarterly growth %)
  • FDI by source country ( distribution%)Quarterly


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