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DATE: 15 Jan 2020

Three Published Research Papers/Articles by SCAD in 2019

Dr. Mohammed Al Rifai, Statistician Expert at SCAD has prepared three research papers on various statistical issues. These papers have been published in “Journal of Economics and Sustainable Development”. 


The first paper entitled "The Fundamental Principals of official Statistics in Statistics Centre Abu Dhabi", addressed the Fundamental Principles of Official Statistics adopted by the United Nations Statistical Commission in 1994. The paper highlighted the implementation of these statistical principles at SCAD by showing related/relevant examples.

To view the full article, please link the below:

Paper (2)

The second paper entitled "Optimum Sampling Strategy for National Households in Abu Dhabi Emirate, with implementation on the Household Master sample". It tackled categories of household samples in Abu Dhabi and suggested a special sampling strategy to increase the number of "national households" in survey samples.

To view the full article, please link the below:

Paper (3)

Finally, the paper entitled "Approximated Synthetic Indicator for Total Errors in Abu Dhabi Sample Surveys" addressed the data quality and accuracy. It presented various types of errors in surveys and proposed an approximate indicator to assess the nature of total errors.

To view the full article, please link the below:

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DATE: 18 Jun 2019

Awarness workshop on "Agthia company" services

Statistics Center – Abu Dhabi and Agthia company have signed a partnership agreement which includes providing discounts on all consumer products and services to all SCAD employees .

A workshop conducted by the company on Monday 17.06.2019 at Statistics Training Institute to clarify all the services and consumer goods provided by Agthia.


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DATE: 10 Jun 2019

SCAD's second 2019 Regular Board Meeting Convenes

SCAD's Board of Directors held this morning its second regular meeting for the current year at the Centre's premises, under the chairmanship of HE Rashid Lahej Al Mansoori. The meeting was attended by the Board members and SCAD's General Manager. The participants dealt with a number of topics including the Centre's strategic and operational objectives and indicators, Also discussed were the reports of the completion of the sectors during the first half of 2019, which includes the latest developments in the HIES survey project, the Register Census project 2020, and the opinion polls for 2019.

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DATE: 02 May 2019

Training course in (Certified Auditor ISO 9001:2015)

SCAD’s Statistical Training Institute (STI) organized a 5-day training course about (Certified Auditor ISO 9001:2015)  in quality management system (QMS) auditing from April 28th to May 2nd 2018. The course aimed to give participants the skills they need to plan, conduct, report and follow up an audit in an organization’s ISO 9001:2015 QMS in accordance with ISO 19011 standard, thus ensuring processes will continue to be managed in line with the latest requirements and the best internationally recognized practices and techniques. Presented by BSI Training Academy, the course was attended by 14 employees from across the departments and sections of SCAD.

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DATE: 21 Feb 2019

SCAD organizes a workshop on the statistical maturity guide for government agencies

​Statistics Centre- Abu Dhabi organized a statistical workshop on the statistical maturity index in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi in order to develop the quality of the statistical system in the Emirate to produce, publish and use official statistical data according to the technical, administrative and legislative bases and rules for all fields of statistical work with government agencies represented by strategic partners Its data in the work on the construction of the statistical system in the emirate.

And the maturity index has been prepared to be the primary reference for the evaluation and follow-up performance of government agencies and their readiness to prepare data of quality that contribute to the preparation and issuance of official statistics in accordance with the standard methods and standards and methodologies and quality standards adopted by the Statistics Centre- Abu Dhabi as the only source of statistics Official level at the emirate level and authorized to develop and organize statistical work.

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