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DATE: 20 May 2020

SCAD Conducts it First Virtual Majlis on Remote Working

Statistic Centre – Abu Dhabi conducted it first virtual Majlis on Monday, 18th of May 2020, under the title "Remote working…From Challenges to Opportunities". Providing the employees with a platform to share their thoughts and individual experiences on. Monday Majlis had Mr. Hasan Aljafri, Manager Strategic Planning & Performance Management, as its official host for the first session, which had an enthusiastic response with the participation of over 70 employees.

In the session, Al Jafri discussed the challenges that occurred with remote working and the alternative communication tools when initiating communication internally and externally. In addition to SCAD effective role under the current circumstances.   

Al Jafri also discussed the positive aspects of such unique situation, which allowed for the discovery of creative energies and the ability of the employees to work remotely in an efficient manner. Stressing the importance role the leadership had in support for human competencies, which contributed to the flexibility and ability to adapt to the various challenges in preparation for the future.

Al Jafri also commended the readiness and durability of the advanced technological infrastructure of SCAD, which was the main driver in the activation and continuity of work.

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DATE: 13 May 2020

SCAD Releases Abu Dhabi Statistical Yearbook 2020

The Statistics Centre – Abu Dhabi (SCAD), a government entity under the Department of Government Support (DGS), published the Statistical Yearbook of Abu Dhabi 2020. The publication helps decision-makers, the business sector and researchers to formulate policies, and devise plans based on robust data that serves the development goals of the emirate of Abu Dhabi.

The statistical yearbook provides up-to-date and accurate statistical indicators and data on six main sectors: economy, industry and business, population and demography, social development, labour force, agriculture, and environment. It also highlights the various activities of the government and private sector in the emirate; thus, reflecting the development process in Abu Dhabi over the past year.

Commenting on this, Abdullah Ahmed Al Suwaidi, Acting Director-General of SCAD, said: "The statistical yearbook is a key source of comprehensive, objective, and independent statistical data, on the developments witnessed by the emirate in various economic, social and environmental sectors. The book supports decision-making and strategic planning with reliable and updated statistical data.

"SCAD's is committed to the provision of high-quality statistical data in accordance with the international best practices, to reflect the performance of the main sectors that drive development in Abu Dhabi on an annual basis to meet the needs of data users, including officials, decision-makers, researchers and stakeholders." added Al Suwaidi.

"We would like to thank our strategic partners - ministries, government, and semi-government entities and private sector companies - for their cooperation in providing the data required for the production of the new statistical yearbook. This book underscores the success witnessed by the emirate. It highlights its achievements in supporting comprehensive and sustainable development across sectors, to improve Abu Dhabi's competitiveness at the global level. It also helps to enhance the emirate's socioeconomic status at regional and international levels. At this point, I would like to emphasize the importance of cooperation with various government and private stakeholders, as statistical work requires joint and integrated efforts." Al Suwaidi added.

Below is a link to see the full press release SCAD's Statistical Yearbook 2020:

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DATE: 15 Apr 2020

Research Article: "The Pilot for the 2020 Register Based Census of Abu Dhabi”

The Population and Social Statistics team authored a Research Article titled "Preparations With a Pilot Census for the 2020 Register Based Census of Abu Dhabi". This paper was prepared by Ms. Aisha Abdullah Turki, Dr. Salah Abu Qudiri, Ms. Badreyya Al Shehhi and Ms. Thumna Alrashdi, and published in the Statistical Journal of the IAOS on March 27, 2020.

The scientific paper details the experience of Statistics Center - Abu Dhabi in developing a register-based census for the census 2020. This follows a three phase approach: building a database, maintaining its sustainability and populating it with data on continuous basis. For this purpose, direct lines have been established with the entities owning administrative registers via their senior management teams. These efforts have resulted in the signing of service level agreements, and data have begun to flow to the Centre by virtue of these agreements. The Centre has established specialized registers, such as a population register, an employee register, an unemployment register, an education register, and the People of Determination register.

Many countries use administrative registers as an alternative to a field census enumeration, in order to save time, effort and money. Using administrative registers enable periodical updates of the population count and characteristics, without the long collection and processing period typically associated with the completion of a field enumeration census. Timely periodical updates are particularly useful for countries that undergo rapid population changes, as is the case in the United Arab Emirates in general, and the Emirate of Abu Dhabi in particular.

The paper presents the different steps of preparing for the 2020 register-based census of Abu Dhabi, and the process to conduct administrative records based pilot census.

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DATE: 20 Feb 2020

The First International Adisory Committe Visit

​Statistics Centre - Abu Dhabi (SCAD) reactivates the International Advisory Committee (IAC). The IAC comprises a galaxy of internationally renowned Statistical experts, namely: H.E Dr. Ola Awad, Dr. Peter Huckle, Mrs. Sibela von O'Blin, Dr. Emanuel Baldashi, and Dr. Pedro Samos Kulho. The IAC's first meetings convened on Sunday and Monday 16-17 February 2020. The sessions included briefings by SCAD sectors to discuss the challenges ahead, and explore areas of improvement for statistical work in Abu Dhabi Emirate. The IAC members visited Qasr Al Watan's, a rare architectural masterpiece combining the magnificent present with the dazzling past,   to discover the legacy of knowledge and tradition that have shaped the journey of the nation, boosting cultural understanding of the United Arab Emirates. The IAC concluded its work by providing recommendations to SCAD senior management to develop statistical work in Abu Dhabi Emirate.

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DATE: 20 Feb 2020

Honoring the winner of Innovation competition

During the activities of Innovation week, the Committee of Innovation and Artificial Intelligence conducted an Innovation competition to increase SCAD employees' awareness about innovation, what it means, and the difference between it and creativity. The Committee honored the winner, Mr. Hamad Abdul Rahman Al Nasseri, for his active participation.

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