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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​A number of statistical information systems or tools have been created by SCAD that allow the user to interact and explore detailed data from SCAD’s statistical databases. The purpose of these tools is to increase accessibility, interactivity and customization of data for clients, as well as, to reduce the need for dedicated statistical analytical skills to figure out the patterns and understand the statistics. You can create maps, profiles or customized tables and charts using the SCAD Statistical Data Visualization Tools.​

Statistical Calculators

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Personal Inflation Calculator

This inflation calculator allows the public to gauge what their own inflation rate might be. The calculator enables you to capture your own personal expenditure patterns as weights. The price indices as compiled each month for the CPI are then applied to these weights to calculate your personal inflation rate.​​

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Purchasing Power Calculator

​​The user enters an amount of money in a particular ('original') year to be compared with another ('desired') year. For example, you may want to know how much money would you need in the year 2012, to have the same 'purchasing power' of AED 100 from 2002? You will find the answer is AED 168.61​​​

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Ideal Household Expenditure Calculator

​​​The “Ideal Household Expenditure Calculator” aims to provide households with the Ideal distribution ratios of its monthly expenditure based on the moderate welfare levels for the Local, Non-Local, and collective households in Abu Dhabi Region, Al-Ain Region, and Al-Gharbiah Regions. Each Household can be guided by the outputs of this calculator to achieve sustainability of its financial resources and to save the largest possible proportion of its income. Through the inserting of a set of variables to the family: the region, family type, household size, type of tenure, number of students in the family, and the total monthly household income.​​​​​

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